Why you cant help buying on impulse

Why you cant help buying on impulse

7 October, 2017 8 comments

Impulse buying

Impulse buying:

Noun: The buying of goods without planning to do so in advance, as a result of a sudden whim or impulse


I’d amend the last sentence to read “because of a sudden need to own the item, as your life will be incomplete without it.”

Impulse buying can range from purchasing a bar of chocolate (usually when you’re stood at the check out in a long queue and your gazing around the room, when your eyes fall on the chocolate that you suddenly have to have and pick up and throw in your shopping basket without a second thought. And yes, we all know the chocolate is placed at the check out especially to encourage this kind of behaviour, but it still works), to an expensive handbag and everything in between.

We all do it. We all know about it. Yet we fall for it every time.

It’s a strange phenomena that takes over you completely out of the blue and makes you exchange your hard earned cash for something that you never knew you even needed (and probably don’t).

Impulse buying is completely separate from “retail therapy” where you go out with the sole intention of purchasing something to make you feel better. Retail therapy is done with purpose and intention. Impulse buying strikes when you least expect it and makes you lose all rational judgement. With the first one you’re in control with the second you’re definitely not.

Picture the scene, you’ve had a nice lunch with an old friend when you’re walking back to your car, and your friend is telling you about her recent date with a new boyfriend when you pass buy a shop window and you see them. The most perfect of shoes.

You stop dead in your tracks, now oblivious to your surroundings apart from those shoes. (You knew I’d say shoes didn’t you? What is about women and shoes?!)

Your friend, mid sentence, notices that she is now talking to herself and looks around to see where you are, and backtracks next to you.With a glazed look on your face you utter the words “I have to have them.”

And there it begins…

Rational thought is out of the window.

As soon as you try on the shoes the love affair deepens and you sell your soul to the cash register.

They fit like a glove. They’re so comfortable. They will go with every outfit you own. They’re on sale. What a bargain! It must be fate!


So how can you tame the beast that is impulse buying and do you even want to?

I’ve made some fantastic purchases on impulse. I’ve also made some disasterous ones. My advice is listen to your inner voice. You’ll know deep down whether its a good buy or not.

My last impulse buy actually was a pair of shoes and I love them!


So what was your last impulse buy? Was is a good purchase or not? Let me know!

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Brittny 23 October, 2017 - 1:25 pm

My last impulse buy was probably tons of clothes that i had no intention in buying but I definitely needed them! It did make me feel better so technically it is retail therapy, right?

I love when you decide to not purchase something and you still think about them…is that considered love at first sight?

Jacqueline Marie 23 October, 2017 - 1:28 pm

I am victim of this! LOL. That soda in the checkout line always seems to be calling my name… for the ride home (all of 15 mins) I just know I will be completely parched and I MUST have that soda… argh! My kids are victims as well… darn candy in the checkout isle… usually it’s food related for us!

Theresa 23 October, 2017 - 1:40 pm

I used to do that before! Not anymore. I have gained control of my self. First thing you gotta do is stay out of the mall as much as you can lol! Thanks for posting! Good one!

Heather 23 October, 2017 - 1:42 pm

My impulse buy is almost always home decor. I rationalize the purchase because we “need” it for our home. lol. I’m trying to do better, but it’s hard (especially when it’s on sale). 😉

Lucy 23 October, 2017 - 1:48 pm

This is a great post! My sister is so bad at this. I’ve developed a few good habits to limit the amount of impulse buys! It just feels so good doesn’t it 🙈

Anissa 23 October, 2017 - 4:23 pm

This is an area that I am very familiar with ! I just can’t help it! Thank you for sharing !

Samantha 23 October, 2017 - 4:24 pm

My last impulse buy was a grey jumper with pearl detailing on the sleeves…and I love it! I think you’re so right to listen to your inner voice when it comes to shopping as some of my favourite items have been bought on impulse! Also if you think about it for too long it may sell out! Samantha xx | samanthadobbin.com

Lucy 24 October, 2017 - 7:05 pm

Your jumper sounds lovely. You’re right, if the sales are on you have to buy the item there and then. I suppose there’s always the option of returning the item if you really have made a mistake.


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