overcoming procrastination

    If there is one thing I’m good at its procrastinating. If there was a town called procrastination, I would be Mayor!

    I have good intentions. I really do. I set off to do something productive, but during the “setting off” and the actual “getting there”, something happens… I get distracted.

    The distractions can come in any form..

    • the ping of a text
    • an advert on Netfix for the next episode of the show I’m currently watching
    • a phone call
    • a pile of ironing ( I hate ironing, but if I’m putting something off, then ironing suddenly becomes very attractive)
    • the vacuuming (as above)…

    A day has enough hours, you just have too many excuses

    Procrastination doesn’t make me feel good. I always have the nagging feeling that I should be doing something else, and the thing that I should be doing, isn’t going to go away. All I’m doing is prolonging the agony.

    After years of this behaviour I’ve come to realise the answer to procrastination is quite simple…

    Its all about perspective.

    If the actions aren’t important to you, then you ‘ll do everything you can to avoid doing them.

    Try this:

    Make a list of everything that you have been putting off this week… I bet that when you see them written down, its not surprising that you’re avoiding these tasks!

    This is where you have 2 choices.. just get them done, or forget about them.

    If you’re going to get them done, put a date in the diary of when that is, and commit to it. Imagine what the completed task will look like and how you’ll feel when it’s done. You have to WANT TO complete the task otherwise you’ll continue to put it off forever.

    overcoming procrastination

    So how do you stop yourself falling back into procrastinating?

    It all starts and ends with the importance of the task.


    When you feel yourself about to avoid a task ask yourself these 2 questions:

    1. How much do you really WANT to accomplish the task?
    2. How much do you really NEED to accomplish the task?

    Putting the tasks into perspective really does help, as it gives them meaning, and it is the meaning that will drive you to completing them.


    The next thing to do is to starve your distractions:

    Move your mobile out of the room. Turn the TV off. Move the ironing where you can’t see it.

    Remove all distractions and excuses!


    Give yourself a time limit

    Tell yourself that you’re going to work for only 20 mins on the task. More than likely you’ll end up devoting more time to it, since actually starting is the worst bit and once you’ve started you’ll probably want to finish it. Especially if you realise that its not going to take as long as you thought it would.

    It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves – Sir Edmund Hillary

    This quote is so true! The tasks themselves are never that arduous. Once you get started, you wonder why you had put it off in the first place. Its not the task that’s the problem its the blocks that we put in place that prevent us from completing them.

    And just think, getting things over and done with is probably one of the best feelings, now isn’t that worth putting into perspective?

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